Monday, March 14, 2011

Character Page

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I have been super busy though I have been updating my Regular Blog, so you should know why I have been busy.... Just wanted to post my Character page, the newest update on Epic Duel.

I think the Char Page is a great update because they have put them on all the Artix games and it's great to see what other people have when there not online. It's awesome to see what they look like too!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pengsht Blog Update

I found this chick on Epic Duel, Epic Server, and thought she was good enough to post when she pwn'd meh. Plus, i haven't posted in awhile cuz im taking a breather. The longer periods of days i play, the more burnt out i get from the game... that explains the time gap on the blog archive. So i thought i would let you know posts won't be as consistant as they used to be. But i will keep posting!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Smackie El Frog

This dude has got SO MANY WINS that he is so freakin' worthy of mention on my blog. Now i know I've seen better players with more wins *ahem* (like fay beee), but his achievements are EPIC. he has it all!!! He has every seasonal rare achievement and he has defeated all the bosses. Plus, he got the landlord achievement! That means he has 4 pages of achievements ... Holy crap!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Epic Duel Suggestions

Dear Epic Duel Staff,

I was wondering if you would be open-minded long enough to listen to a few suggestions i had. You see, within my year, or so, of playing Epic Duel (I have a level 32 Mercenary and level 30 Tech Mage), i have learned a lot from this enjoyable PvP MMO. I have watched the game progress from the beginning (and trust me, that's a lot!) so i think i can provide some Intel good enough for consideration.

When you first started Epic Duel, there were three classes, Mage, Merc, and bounty, and to this day, i know that there have been favorites for everyone. For me, personally, i like the tech mage best. I know that you have been updating Epic Duel and trying to give the viewers what they want, i kind of stopped going to the forums months ago, so i can probably guarantee that people are going to enjoy any and all updates that you release.

Within my hours of in-game experience, i have seen a few things that would seriously help out the game, both for varium users and non-varium members. When you release new weapons, please put into consideration that some of the weapons for non varium members (at level 30+) just do not compare with those of equal level for varium users. Having a more equal damage range, obviously knowing varium members paid so they do deserve the actual better weapons, i think the game would be an extremely better experience for everyone.

Also, within the game, i have noticed that you just recently released 3 new skills, 1 for each class. I, personally, thought it was one of the worst new skills i have ever seen for Mercenary's and Tech Mage's. The only real benefit was that it now made bounty hunters over powerful and harder to kill by an extreme measure. I also believe that you should of gotten a vote on what users would want as a new skill on the forums before releasing it (maybe you did but i haven't been on forums in awhile).

Next, i wanted to talk about the three classes. We have had the classic three classes for as long as the game has been opened. If you look at any other action-based MMO with multiple class choices, you will find that there are ton more options to choose from then just three. Perhaps, you should consider making new classes, at least one. Consider how many you have in Adventure Quest Worlds, there are an endless amount almost. Plenty of options for non-members. Why not create a few more classes for Epic Duel? It would certainly add a new twist to the game, which i'm sure everyone will enjoy.

I'm not here to bust your chops about all the problems with the game or what you should or shouldn't fix. I just want to help you improve the game. I also have dreams of becoming a  Graphic Design artist and am going to pursue this career path until i get a great job that will pay the bills.  Hopefully the Epic Duel staff could use a Graphic Design artist to join the team. I want to make animated videos though but i certainly hope you have space for another crew member. I would love to help improve Epic Duel in every aspect so every member gets the best possible experience.

I appreciate you taking the time to read through my suggestions and hopefully we will see some improvements in the future. I certaintly look forward to each and every update that is released.

Thank You,
Epic Duel Character Penguinwarrior22 and ChaosPeng

P.S. Please improve on your chat features, you can only type so far before your words run off and you can't see what your typing ... improvements would be lovely.

Is this even possible?

Is this even possible?? I mean, c'mon, i was on my nooby account, thanks to the new update ... and i found this guy ... pwn'd me and kept on trucking .... something is not right!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dax and Comical Biker

Today has been full of exitement! I can't believe how amazing it's been ... If only i could have a convo with Dax before she pwn'd me .... lol